Once Again

Alan Knox over at Assembling of the Church wrote a thought-provoking and challenging post entitled Wont Get Fooled Again. Judging from the comments this post has resonated, not just with me, but with many. Alan starts off his post with the statement “Once upon a time God used a donkey” What I take from the post is this. God had a plan for the world, for his people, and we came in with our programs, institution, budget meetings, building committees and messed it all up.

This post is prompted by Alan’s post and is written….

For those of us whose heart breaks when we see a big beautiful church with all its programs sitting right across the street from a rundown trailer court in the grips of the Enemy

For those of us who believe that Communion can happen around a table in an ordinary home or dare I say even in a pub. Who believe it doesn’t have to be given to us by a priest or ordained minister

For those of us who believe that corporate worship doesn’t have to take place in the church.

For those of us who don’t believe that God commands us to give 10% to our local church or be cursed.

For those of us who believe building relationships with those around us is more important than building bigger buildings.

For those of us who don’t believe God is a republican (or a democrat)

For those of us who feel closer to God when we are in the community serving others than when we are sitting in the pew.

For those of us who believe God wants us to bring the gospel to lost and not wait for them to come to us

I  Say Once Again…

Once again Gods people will turn the world upside down

Once again we will live radical lives in the midst of the world

Once again our light will shine on the streets, not be hidden behind church walls

Once again we will love those around us without an agenda, but just because God loves them

Once again we will eat with drunks, and prostitutes, thieves, and beggars

Once again we will gather in the streets, in homes, in valleys and mountains

Once again we will drop everything and follow Him

Once again we will put or trust in Him, not in your Christian celebrities

Once again we will live transformed lives in the midst of the culture

Once again we will realize that God does not live in temples built by Human hands… that he desires worshipers who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Everywhere, at all the time.

Please feel free to fill in the blank. Once again…


2 responses to “Once Again

  1. Once again we will see the Christ and not the cross.

  2. Aaron,

    Thanks for continuing many of my thoughts. I loved this post!


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