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Are You Ready to Go For a Spin?

“As each age passes it can not be reclaimed”

Try as we might. No matter how much fear and hatred we throw at it. Whether we like it or not the wheel keeps on turning.

See the video this quote was taken from here.


Put The Pipe Down

Religion is the opium of the masses.” Karl Marx

I was listening a local Contemporary Christian Radio station the other day and Marx’s quote came to mind. There is a lot of truth to his statement. There are very few songs on CCR that challenge people to step out side their comfort zones and follow Christ. On local station boasts that it is “family friendly” and “uplifting and encouraging” and only plays only “uplifting and positive news”. It’s so “soothing” at times I have to change the channel before I nod off on the way to work.

Religion can be like an opiate. The outward practice of religion can bring comfort to us. Singing songs with like minded people on Sunday, sitting passively in the pew, having a nice dinner after church, uttering a prayer before dinner, maybe reading our Bible from time to time,listing to Christian music, etc. We can so immerse ourselves in churchianity that we can become oblivious to the world around us.

That is the difference between being religious and following Christ. Following Christ means facing rejection, stepping out side our comfort zones, putting the needs of others before our own, and at times pain. When we make the shift from just believing in God to Following Christ we will start to be aware of all that is wrong in the world, instead of tuning it all out. The things that bring Jesus to tears will move us to tears. The things that provoke him to anger will provoke us to anger, and most importantly the things that move Him to action will move us to action

Life after the Gravitron

For his Synchroblog this month, Glenn over at Re-Dreaming the Dream is asking people to share a little bit about the current chapter of there lives. He asks the questions-

How are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you learning?

What are you dreaming about.

As I shared in a recent post the last year has been disorienting to say the least. The last year has been a year of rethinking what it means to be a Christian, What Church is all about. I became so focused on those things I neglected my relationship with Christ, my wife, my sons, and with everyone else.

 A couple of years ago my boys talked me into riding the Gravitron. When the ride finally stopped and I stumbled off I felt dizzy, nauseous, off balance and disoriented. I had to sit down for a little bit before I could continue to enjoy the street fair with my family. That’s how I feel now.

 I think that this chapter of my life is about just taking some time to sit down and regain my equilibrium. I am trying to focus on strengthening my relationship with my wife, and taking a more active role with our two boys. I am trying to let the Word become central to my life again. I am not naturally a nice person, and the less I am in the word, the more my natural self rears its ugly head. (Just ask Jenny and the boys). I am slowly becoming more involved with other believers, through a Friday night Bible study, and even getting involved in our church again. Oh yeah and I just started walking and hiking, because I have gained so much weight and just feel unhealthy.

 The further I move into adulthood, the more I find out that many of the childhood illusions I held about people I loved and looked up to, and about the world in general are not quite true. But just because my childhood illusions don’t quite ring true my love for those people and for the world God created isn’t diminished. I am learning to have the same attitude towards the Church. As imperfect as it is, God has chosen to use his Church to advance his Kingdom on Earth, It is through his Church that the Gospel is proclaimed.  I am learning that I need instead of just being critical of the church I need to love my fellow brothers and sisters.

 I am also learning (or relearning) the importance of staying in close communion with God through his Word, and prayer.

 What am I dreaming about?

 I’ll have to do a follow up post soon on this one. One thing I am dreaming about is Moving from Romans 7 to Romans 8.

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