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Don’t Be Bringin No New Fangled Thinkin

This  is my latest poem  and grows out of interactions I have had with some people over the last year or so. In my head it is a song (an acoustic folk song sung with attitude) but I don’t have any musical ability, so if any one wants to help with that it would be great

Don’t Be Bringin No New Fangled Thinkin

I got my guns and my color TV
You try to break through, but I can’t hear
It’s out side my theology

You can’t be right. You must be wrong
It’s obvious – only a fool can’t see
You can’t be right – because you don’t think like me.

I like my religion like an old pair of shoes.
Soft, worn out, and comfy
A pliable philosophy that conforms to my views

So don’t be bringin no new fangled thinkin
With your talk of His Grace & His Love
It’s all about no cussin, no druggin or drinkin
And earning a spot with the big man above


I got my Bible and a flag in my hand
Don’t even question American intention
Fall in line – it’s the law of the land

Our God is red white & blue
In God We trust is our battle cry
He watches over us but he don’t care about you

God is on our side and he carries a stick
He rides shotgun in our M1 tanks
As we destroy your village brick by brick by brick

So don’t be bringin no new fangled thinkin
With your talk of His Peace, and His Love
Its about American interest and American lives
It’s been sanctioned by the big man above

No don’t you be bringin no new fangled thinkin
About a God we can’t wear like a glove
We don’t want no God who won’t fit in our box
To whom power means nothing – Only unselfish Love