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New City, New House, New Neighborhood & A Fresh Start

It’s been just a few weeks shy of a year since I have posted anything. I took a much needed break from the blogosphere. One of the reasons I quit is that I took a look at my life and realized there was a lot of talk and very little action. Basically I felt like a hypocrite. I talked a lot about how the Church was dropping the ball on so many things, while at the same time refusing to even pick up the ball and get in the game.

Last week our family just moved out of an apartment complex in a fairly small town into a three bedroom house in an older working class neighborhood just north of downtown Fort Wayne. The last year has been full of many struggles for our family. We have allowed every area of our lives to become unhealthy. We are looking at this move as an opportunity for us to make a fresh start.

God has given me a heart for the lost, a burning anger at injustice, and a growing dissatisfaction with consumerism and materialism. At times I almost cry when I drive through a once thriving neighborhood and see empty lots where houses once stood, or abandoned houses where families once lived. I feel guilty when I choose Wal-mart over the local market. He has given me a burning desire to stop just talking and start acting.

After a year away from blogging I decided to start up again. This time I hope to do a lot less ranting. (I’ll try any away) I plan to be more constructive in my posts, and plan to post updates and insights along the way as I start living out my faith on a daily basis. As I seek to have a positive impact on our neighborhood and our city.