Say What?? Did I Hear You Right??


Here are some statements that I have heard lately that really concern me. Some of them about left me speechless which is hard to do. (Just ask my wife)

We need to be good stewards and be concerned about the environment. But we have to remember that ultimately the Lord is coming back and he’s going to destroy it all any way.”

I think that dropping the bomb on Hiroshima actually saved a lot of lives”       When I mentioned that the United States was the only country to ever use a nuclear bomb.

The Bible is full of wars”      Used in the context of  defending the war in Iraq

More people die of cold than the heat. So if global warming is really happening. I think it would be a good thing.”

When asked if Jesus would torture terrorists  – “He wouldn’t. He would just kill them

These are just a few that stuck in my mind. There have been plenty of others that I just can’t recall.

The problem for me is that all of these statements have come out of the mouths of fellow believers that I know and respect. People that I know love God deeply, and try to love their neighbor as themselves.

I am finding my self increasingly at odds with many of the believers I am in contact with on a daily basis. I’ve been told I sound “un-American”.  I have been lambasted for daring to question if the American brand of capitalism is the most biblical economic system., or questioning if Wal-Mart is a good company.

  • Has anyone else had similar interactions?
  • Do you have any concerning statements to add?
  • Does anyone else notice an increasing polarization among believers?
  • If so what do you see as the root cause of this polarization?

3 responses to “Say What?? Did I Hear You Right??

  1. Comments from Facebook

    Justin says

    I think some of us (myself included) are wired to pick up on the points of contention and view minor differences as major ones. I’m politically conservative and have backed away from absolute pacifism. But I don’t know anyone who is pro-war. Or pro-torture. Likewise, I highly doubt many on the left are for all out socialism or communism as is often portrayed.

    My Reply

    It think that’s very true. I think that the problem lies in that we let these hot button issues divide us. I think the the Enemy uses our deeply held political views to keep us fighting amongst each other instead of working together. We also look to these political systems to solve the worlds problems. When we should be working together to advance… Read More the Good News of The Kingdom of God. Which exists within yet totally separate from these systems. Conservatism, Capitalism, Socialism or any other ism will never save any one.

  2. Justin Says

    You are absolutely right.

    For me I take the stance of Churchill who once said something to the effect of capitalism being the worst system, except for all others. Ultimately all manmade systems of government are flawed. I just happen to believe freedom is the best option until Christ’s return.

    But that being said, I and others often lose sight of the ultimate reality. If we were all modeling Christ in our lives, the world would be much better off, regardless of the system.

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