Fishers of Men Part 1 (Community)

I decided to repost a 3 part series from my old blog. I ran accross them recently, and thought they were worth reposting.

My wife and I attend a Bible study on Thursday night, our memory verse over the last few weeks has been Mathew 4:19 Come follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men. Of course I have heard and read this verse countless times, but this last Thursday that verse really came alive for me. It got me thinking what exactly is involved in being fishers of men?

This post is part one of at least a three part series.

Jesus wasn’t talking about wasn’t a person with a fishing pole spending a Saturday sitting by the shore. Jesus used the words to call Simon and Andrew, two commercial fishermen. The type of fishing Jesus was talking about was not something that could be done alone it took a group of people working as a team. Depending on the method used there might have been as many as three fishing boat crews involved to bring in a single catch.

After the catch was brought to shore the work was far from over. The fish had to be sorted, preserved in salt, and prepared for transport. Also there were boat builders, blacksmiths who made the metal weights for the nets, etc This took not only fisherman but a whole community working together with a common purpose. Every one did their part their were no passive spectators (pew sitters). Everyone participated as well as benefitted from the industry.

God transforms communities through communities of Christians living transformed lives in the community. As Christians we are all called to participate in God’s mission of restoration. This must be done in the context of day to day living. Fisherman worked long hard hours six days a week. Only on the Sabbath would they cease from their work.

I think for many Christians there is a disconnect between their spiritual life and their secular life. Sundays and maybe Wednesday evening are set aside for spiritual time, many will even add private time through out the week for prayer or morning devotions. The rest of their lives (work, taking the kids to the park, shopping, etc) are thought of as secular time.

If Christianity is to continue to have a positive effect on the culture in the coming years this way of thinking needs to change. Christians need to understand that just as the Father sent Jesus into the world, Jesus has sent us into the world. There is no such thing as a secular pursuit.

It is time for Christians to get out of the pews, get on our knees before God and ask forgiveness, and then get out into the street, and get to work.

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.


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