Grace Is Not a One Time Event

Tyler over at Following Him Alone wrote this beautiful post about Grace. Grace that is more than just “God’s unmerited favor towards us” I’ve posted a couple excerpts I really liked. But I would definitely read the whole article.

“Grace wasn’t favor that I didn’t deserve! Grace is simply the overwhelming power of His unfailing love worked through every moment of my life, and really through eternity. I don’t get more of it some days than others, it is as constant as His love, which is the one true constant in the universe.”

“Much of the body of Christ lives as though grace truly is unmerited favor, and so they don’t see it as an act of love but instead as an act of forebearance, staying the hand of an angry God. But Grace is not an act of forebearance, of that I can absolutely assure you.

This misconception positively drives the “normal Christian life” of Americans. You know, now that you are saved you must toe the line and be outwardly righteous because God isn’t going to be patient with all of these sins now that you are saved. Oh yes, they will say, you are always saved, but there are blessings here and in eternity and so you need to behave properly and be one of us so God doesn’t have to constantly be remembering that you are under grace and not available to be wiped off the face of the earth.

And so we live under a false grace that is anything but graceful. A grace that we do not deserve, that is completely unjustified. It is the gospel of guilt, of being unworthy little wretches.”


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