Extremely Powerful Video.


I ran across this Smashing Pumpkins video on You Tube. For those who live in comfortable Christian circles whats portrayed in this video is unimaginable, but this is reality for many people. We need to remember that Jesus came to save people like this, and as the body of Christ. It is our calling to come along side people like this and love them. I can say with out a doubt that it is only by God’s Grace that I am not sitting in an alley somewhere caught in the stranglehold of addiction.

This is a POWERFUL VIDEO. I may be crazy but I think this would be a good video to be shown in Church on a Sunday morning.


6 responses to “Extremely Powerful Video.

  1. You need to say, WATCH this video IF you are one who is easily offended.” It needs to break our hearts – not offend us. Thanks.

  2. Barb,

    This video should break our hearts. I know it does mine. When I was only 16 and living on the streets of Sacramento. I befriended a girl who as only 15 and selling her body for crack. What really breaks my heart is that so many people are indifferent to things like this.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I agree with Barb. People should watch this video if they are easily offended. It’s too easy to isolate ourselves from the pain and suffering that is part of life. Maybe this is because its hard enough dealing with our own pain.

    Didn’t know you grew up in Sac. That’s where I’m located now.

  4. The more I think about it, I agree with both of you. I think that people who are easily offended should watch this. It is way to easy to just pretend that things like this don’t happen. I think that as Christians we should confront issues like this and be willing to really get involved. Not just write a check or put them on our prayer list

  5. All I can say is holy crap, that is very powerful.

  6. Great video. My day is better for watching it, even if my heart is heavier.

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