Deeper Than Individual Issues

I did something last night I have never done before. I made a contribution to a political campaign. It wasn’t much, but I gave a little something to the Barack Obama Campaign. I have always had an interest in politics and have always held strong views., but this is the first time I have been inspired enough to give and money to a campaign. I live in Indiana and our primary isn’t until April, meaning that  Indiana very rarely plays any part in choosing the party candidate so I decided to help in the best way I could.

If I was to vote purely based on issues I would probably have to go with Mike Huckabee, but the reasons I support Obama go much deeper than individual issues. With Obama I get the sense that my voice really does matter, I like that he is challenging the American people to get involved, to become part of a movement of change. He is not asking us to put our trust in him to change the country, he is asking us to believe that We can change our country (and the world) for the better.

I believe that Obama will be a voice of unity, rather than division, a voice of hope rather than pessimism. A voice for peace in a time of war. I truly believe that he is the only true voice of Change in this year’s presidential race, and I think that change is something that this country desperately needs, Change in America is something that the world needs.

I think what finally solidified my support of Obama is his views on Foreign policy. He understands that America’s greatness dosen’t depend on our military but on our people. Through the expansion of civilian programs he wants to encourage and empower individuals to become agents of redemptive change in the world. 

As I read through his Foreign policy statement these are the themes that stuck out to me. Diplomacy, reconciliation, peace, dialog, leadership, compassion, partnership, openness. After eight years of unilateralism, war mongering, and division, The type of leadership that Barak wants to bring to the table will be a welcome site, not just to American, but to the World



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