The Virtues of the Kingdom

I found this list of Kingdom Virtues over at Spiritual Conversations by way of The Weary Pilgrim.

Humility in an age of Self-Promotion
Forgiveness in an age of Retaliation
Patience in an age of Instant Gratification
Generosity in an age of Greed
Compassion in an age of Self-Absorption
Love in an age of Eroticism
Truthfulness in an age of Deceit
Gentleness in an age of Competition
Kindness in an age of Personal Rights
Self-control in an age of Addiction
Justice in an age of Violence
Peace in an age of Fragmentation

This list really shows how counter culture a life fully lived for Christ really is. I was just struck by how impossible it would be for me to live out any of the virtues on a daily basis with out a relationship with God.

Virtues like these don’t come naturally. They come through allowing our selves to be transformed through the love of the Father.

Heavenly Father, help us to recieve your love, so that we may in turn pour out that same love on those around us. Help us to embody these virtues today, and every day. Amen


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